Virgin Media TiVo Idea

While I love the superfast broadband I get from Virgin Media (yes I went back even after the bad customer service I had in the past) I think they need to get some of the innovative minds working on the TiVo box.

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My Faulty iPhone5s TouchID


I am writing this as an annoyed apple fan, on Monday (30/10/2013) I returned from being in Mexico when the new iPhones were released and after a little jet lag busting sleep, my wife and I headed to the local EE store to buy new iPhones. I haven’t updated my phone since the iPhone 4 so the 5s is perfect for me and with a little one on the way the camera improvements were the top of my want list. The fingerprint sensor is a nice to have especially for paying for apps, but I have tried other sensors in the past and sometimes it is just a gimmick but I expected quality from Apple. (with video) Read more

iPhone 5s Touch ID – The hidden potential

The internet is awash with the latest news and reviews of the new iPhone 5S and 5C however I personally have not seen anyone mention the one thing that apple has killed with the release of Touch ID. News stories like this, this, this and this.
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The Internet is For Porn – Great Blog Article


Really interesting and informative article explaining why David Cameron’s proposed ISPs blocking of pornographic content. It really explains to a non technical audience why the propositions will not work.

Please give this a read and I guarantee you will come out smarter and more knowledgable and please let us not sleepwalk into total censorship.
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Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Audition Script

The BBC have released an audition script they have been using to find the twelfth doctor. This should be taken as just that, and Steven Moffet has said that it contains no spoilers as naturally it has been written before the new doctor has been cast and the new series has been written. Personally as you would expect I can only hear Matt Smith or David Tennant’s voice when I read this.

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My Tissot Visodate – Pure 1950s class


When I got married a few months ago I was given a very special present by my bride, a beautiful Tissot Visodate automatic watch. I had had my eye on this one for a while and was overjoyed to finally have it on my wrist. Buy it Now on Amazon

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Awesome Fan Made Trailer

50th Special

We have all seen fan made trailers for upcoming movies, games and TV show, usually you see them completely by accident and are frustrated when you realise it is not the real thing. Well this one is a little different and should keep you happy while waiting for the comic con trailer to hit the web.

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Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity – New Trailer

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 13.11.35

One of my favourite movies ever is Children of Men, so I am really excited by the latest offering by its director Alfonso Cuaron. Check it out after the jump in this CG heavy dramatic trailer.

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My Wedding Suit by Suit Supply & Shoes by Clarks

I don’t have the most conventional body shape, shirts are usually either too short in the body and arms, or a tent on me so top of my list of wants for my recent wedding was a made to measure suit for the big day.  Unfortunately I don’t have the budget for a Saville Row original and thought I would again end up either uncomfortable or look scruffy.

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Guest blog post for Cactus Language School

Photo by

I have in part been studying with Cactus language school here in London, I have completed 3 courses here in the UK and an intensive course in Valencia all with the help of Cactus. I was asked to write about my unique story.

You can read it here

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