Virgin Media TiVo Idea

While I love the superfast broadband I get from Virgin Media (yes I went back even after the bad customer service I had in the past) I think they need to get some of the innovative minds working on the TiVo box.

My biggest bug bear is realising that I am watching a SD channel when I have a 4K TV, I then have to bring up the guide and trawl through the list trying to find the HD channel for the one I am watching. As a solution to this I have a few suggestions for Virgin media.


1. Simple Button Change

The zoom button serves a very specific purpose on the guide pages but is not much use 90% of the time. I suggest that this is repurposed to become as “Quality Change” button. When you are on a channel that has a HD equivalent one press of this button could take you to that channel. One channels that are SD only this button would do nothing.

e.g. You are on BBC One (101) and you press the button, voila you are now on BBC One HD (108).

In addition to switching the TiVo box could simultaneously record the HD/SD channels meaning that switching while on delayed TV would take you to the same point in shows. (This could also work for series links)


2. Full channel reorder

Now this will be difficult as some HD channels don’t show regional programming but if I am using a HDMI cable I am using a HD capable TV so please just have BBC HD/SD on the same channel number and automatically show the best quality available.

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