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Virgin Media TiVo Idea

While I love the superfast broadband I get from Virgin Media (yes I went back even after the bad customer service I had in the past) I think they need to get some of the innovative minds working on the TiVo box.

My Faulty iPhone5s TouchID


I am writing this as an annoyed apple fan, on Monday (30/10/2013) I returned from being in Mexico when the new iPhones were released and after a little jet lag busting sleep, my wife and I headed to the local EE store to buy new iPhones. I haven’t updated my phone since the iPhone 4 […]

Raspberry Pi Portable Media Center Experiment

Not what it looks like

When I took delivery of my Raspberry Pi I knew straight away what my first project would be…..a simple portable all in one media center. My aim was to make a single item that would be battery powered, extremely portable and project movies anywhere I wanted. (I am aware similar functionaluty can be achieved via […]

I can has Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi

Like every other geek I followed the launch of the Raspberry Pi last year, I really wanted one but couldn’t justify a reason of purpose for me having one, but since when has that stopped me before. So in true geek style, I ordered a Raspberry Pi model B last week. I can’t wait to […]

The Boxee Box is it better than a DIY media center?


In a word, yes. I have long been an advocate of Boxee, the open source (kinda) software for watching online and local content with ease. If you are not familiar with it I suggest you have a look at I have boxee installed on my main PC, my macbook and on a small linux […]

Review: Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard is it worth it?


The Logitech G19 gaming keyboard is the latest and most advanced offering from Logitech. As Logitech’s flagship gaming keyboard it has a lot to live up to in the shadow of it’s big brother the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. The Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard is currently on sale at Amazon.