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iPhone 5s Touch ID – The hidden potential

The internet is awash with the latest news and reviews of the new iPhone 5S and 5C however I personally have not seen anyone mention the one thing that apple has killed with the release of Touch ID. News stories like this, this, this and this.

The Internet is For Porn – Great Blog Article


Really interesting and informative article explaining why David Cameron’s proposed ISPs blocking of pornographic content. It really explains to a non technical audience why the propositions will not work. Please give this a read and I guarantee you will come out smarter and more knowledgable and please let us not sleepwalk into total censorship.

My Tissot Visodate – Pure 1950s class


When I got married a few months ago I was given a very special present by my bride, a beautiful Tissot Visodate automatic watch. I had had my eye on this one for a while and was overjoyed to finally have it on my wrist. Buy it Now on Amazon

My Wedding Suit by Suit Supply & Shoes by Clarks

I don’t have the most conventional body shape, shirts are usually either too short in the body and arms, or a tent on me so top of my list of wants for my recent wedding was a made to measure suit for the big day.  Unfortunately I don’t have the budget for a Saville Row original […]

Write That Name – Update Your Contacts Automatically


I have recently been using a service called This great little service links with your google account and automatically extracts the contact information from incoming emails. This syncs with google contacts and if like me you have your iPhone set up with your gmail account, unknown numbers start appearing with the name of the […]

A Geek in Spain – Introduction


For those who don’t know and for full disclosure I was lucky enough to win the recent facebook photo competition ran by Cactus Language ( The competition was entitled “Culture and Travel” and the voters and judges agreed that my entry above embodied this theme.

Long Time, No Post

I haven’t posted anything in a while so this is a bit of an update post, as for why no update? Well the usual crap really, work, wedding planning, going on an awesome trip to Belgium (and coming back with a trunk full of belgian beer).

A Geeky Marriage


As you may or may not know, I am getting married next year. Now this in itself isn’t very geeky, however the website I set up to inform my guests is. Feel free to check it out What makes it all the more geeky is our stop motion video Save the Date we sent […]

Virgin Media – Possibly The Worst Company Ever

Well I warned people on twitter and facebook to expect a Virgin Media rant, so here it is. But first a little history of my relationship with Virgin Media, it hasn’t always been so bad years ago I vividly remember a company called NTL digging up the roads around my home town and laying cable […]

Great Photography Lessons

Six months ago I bought my first DSLR a Sony Alpha a200 and a selection of lenses, and wanted to learn photography for my trip to Florida. So as with anything I teach myself I hit the internet, and found a lot of confusing tutorials, blogs and videos and was bombarded with terms ISO…..apeture….f stop….etc […]