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Virgin Media TiVo Idea

While I love the superfast broadband I get from Virgin Media (yes I went back even after the bad customer service I had in the past) I think they need to get some of the innovative minds working on the TiVo box.

Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Audition Script

The BBC have released an audition script they have been using to find the twelfth doctor. This should be taken as just that, and Steven Moffet has said that it contains no spoilers as naturally it has been written before the new doctor has been cast and the new series has been written. Personally as you would expect I can only hear Matt […]

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Awesome Fan Made Trailer

50th Special

We have all seen fan made trailers for upcoming movies, games and TV show, usually you see them completely by accident and are frustrated when you realise it is not the real thing. Well this one is a little different and should keep you happy while waiting for the comic con trailer to hit the […]

Re-watching Game of Thrones Season 1

So now that I have my new Boxee Box hooked up to my telly I have decided to re-watch Game of Thrones with my fiance (she hasn’t seen it yet). I have also decided to watch it with Spanish subtitles so that hopefully my Spanish will improve. I am enjoying it so far as much if not […]

Going Back to Jericho


After 3 years I am re-watching Jericho, mainly because me, my girlfriend Thais, and my housemates Nicki and Amy were stuck for  something to watch. So with my Boxee machine just sitting there with 2 seasons of Jericho on it I pressed play on episode 1, with the pretence of “I’ll leave it on for […]

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 6, ‘Secrets’


I hope to usually review episodes either as I watch or immediately after, however for this I am a day late. Last nights episode was entitled ‘Secrets’ and finally some of those long held secrets were revealed (Shane and Lori) and some secrets that have only been held for 1 or 2 days, Glen I am looking […]